Sunday, March 25, 2007

Second fire gathering in Israel 12/10/06

Hello good people,
As expected, after great amazing first fire gathering, must come a second great amazing fire gathering, and so it was. We were about the same amount of "fire makers", some came from the north (Carmiel) and some from the south (Beer Sheva) and would love to see more from all over the country(and outside the country...).
That's the place to say that the list is getting bigger and bigger and I'm talking about international term. If we'll keep on like that we gone break the world record(yep, there is such a thing).
All those photos you see wouldn't be in here without the help (free help) of our great photographers so many thanks to : Oren Gutman, Zohar Rabba and Raffi Almagor.
And as always, the drummers from the drum beach helped for the great atmosphere we had.
So, the weather is getting better and most of us got out from the "boidem" so time to make the third fire gathering and the first for this year.
We will meet at the drum beach at Friday, the 18/5/07. We will start the fire all together at the same time and for now it will be 20:00.
See you all on fire.
Gal gal esh.
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